Essential Products for Making the First Steps to Living a Zero Waste Life

The thought of living a completely zero waste lifestyle can be daunting. In fact, in many modern western societies, it can seem almost impossible to go through life without wasting anything at all.

 The key is assessing which items you use daily and use the most and then investing into zero waste alternatives. Implementing these products into your daily life will make it easier to eventually live a fully zero waste lifestyle or at the least, a very low waste lifestyle.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is your new essential to carry all of your shopping. Invest in a few in varying sizes so that you’ll always be able to carry products home regardless of how big or small they are.

Shampoo Bar

For some, shampooing is a daily ritual, so transforming your current shampoo of choice into something waste free can really make a positive impact on our world. Not only do shampoo bars last longer and usually contain more natural and less harmful ingredients than their bottled counterparts, they cause no waste at all, as when it’s gone, its gone!

Re Usable Coffee Cup

Coffee shops have no problem with using your reusable cup to make your coffee in. As coffee is a part of many people’s daily wake up routine, using a reusable cup will save so many card cups being thrown away each day. Some shops even offer discounts on drinks to customers who use reusable cups.

Water Bottle

Save money and help to reduce your waste by carrying around a reusable water bottle. Between work, meetings and social gatherings, you’ll always find somewhere to re-fill your bottle, making it a cheap and convenient investment.

Compost Bin

Instead of throwing away waste, put it into a compost bin so that the waste can go back into the earth as an effective soil conditioner. Items that can be put into a compost bin include vegetable waste, cardboard, tree leaves, grass clippings, animal manure, black and white newspapers and coffee grounds.

Re Usable Lunch Box

A reliable reusable lunch box, created from sustainable materials such as stainless steel or bamboo ensures that you aren’t using wasteful packaging and are especially useful for camping trips and traveling.

Collection of Glass Jars

Investing in a small collection of glass jars allows you to constantly re-use and re-purpose the jars for an endless list of household items and products. From storing food and juices to creating candles and lights to making homemade air fresheners and soap dispensers, glass jars can be used time and time again.

Non Plastic Straw

Taking a non-plastic straw out with you reduces the large amount of waste that is caused by throwing away plastic straws after just one use. Investing in a straw constructed from paper, bamboo or stainless steel will save a lot of straws heading into landfill and taking almost 1000 years to decompose.

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