About Us

Sustainable, Renewable and Ethical are the three words we strive to live by every day. Its engrained in our lives so much so that we have incorporated the motto into our logo.

Humans have been experts in finding new and ingenious ways of damaging the plant and we think it’s about time this came to a stop.


As David Attenborough has said “ Right now, we are facing a man-made disaster of global scale. Our greatest threat in thousands of years. Climate Change.” 


We at Ecolib believe that a few changes in our everyday lives is enough to start a revolution. Recycling and turning off the lights are all good, but does it help when the next morning you go out to buy a plastic tooth brush that ends up becoming a part of billions of tonnes of plastic that goes to landfill every year.


That is why we along with industry experts have compiled a library of products that can help our everyday lives become more sustainable.

The goal, to help people move towards an everyday life that is more sustainable than it was yesterday. The global problem isn’t going to be solved overnight, but why wait for tomorrow when you can start doing now!