Hand Crank Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flashlight

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LED Flashlights can be used in a variety of different situations far from your home. Camping breaks, outdoor activities and road trips are all times when a bright flashlight like this will work wonders.

How is this product sustainable?

Using LED flashlights largely cuts down energy consumption, therefore reducing the negative impact that using energy has on the environment. The materials used to create LED lights are free from harmful chemicals that could damage the climate. They last so much longer than regular flashlights, so you'll be reducing waste by throwing less away overtime. 

How are you helping the environment by buying this?

LED lights are recyclable, so won't be left to pollute the environment once used. As the flashlights use less energy, users will be decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by using them.


304 Stainless Steel


Built in rechargeable Ni-MH (3.6v, 40mAh)


124 mm x 45 mm x 32 mm